We are committed to raising the profile of Health Coaching in the UK and supporting the professional development and advancement of coaches within this profession. We are working to promote and expand the opportunities available to coaches across the UK. The UK is on the cusp of major changes to healthcare provision. By coming together as an association with consistent messaging and professional practices, you can play a crucial part in this movement to establish Health Coaches as the answer to widespread behaviour change.

As a member of the UK Health Coaches Association you will receive:

  • Reduced price insurance with Balens

  •  The right to use the UKHCA logo on your website and promotional materials

  •  A listing in the UKHCA directory of Health Coaches based in the UK

  •  Members-only networking opportunities

  •  Advice and support for setting up your coaching practice

  •  Advocacy on your behalf to promote the health coaching profession

  •  The opportunity to play a crucial role in shaping the future of Health

Coaching as a recognised profession in the UK.
As we grow and become more established our aim is to offer more benefits and support to members.

Annual membership is currently £95 if you pay upfront (or £10 per month if you would prefer to pay monthly)

If you are a qualified Health Coach and you would like to join as a Member, please fill in the application form below. You will receive a request for evidence of your Health Coach Training.

If you are still studying to become a Health Coach - you can join as a Student Member please click here to find out more and to apply.

Did you graduate with IIN?

We are pleased to tell you that your IIN qualification in Health Coaching has been accredited by Qualifi as a Level 4 Diploma in Coaching, here in the UK. Click here to find out more and to purchase your certificate!


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