Sonia Wisinger

Sonia Wisinger

5 Upper Wimpole Street, W1G 6BP City of London

Hi, my name is Sonia Wisinger and I am originally from Austria where great health always ranked very highly. Healthy home cooked meals, exercise and fasting as well as complementary medicine and wellness have a very high priority in Austria.

I have started fasting in 1999, originally by introducing dinner cancelling (eTRF) into my weekly routine due to increased cortisol levels. This worked very well for me and soon after I progressed to various other forms of intermittent fasting which in Austria we called relief – or cleansing days at this time.

Austria is also the place where I tried my first Franz Xaver Mary cure and had my first ever extended fasting experience, and where I subsequently trained as a fasting coach so that I could help others discover the benefits of fasting.

Trained in the Buchinger/ Luetzner method and alkaline fasting I also offer the Fasting Mimicking Diet, developed by Prof. Valter D. Longo, which is particularly popular with first time fasters and clients who have busy life styles.
I will find out together with my clients which fast is suitable to them at that particular point in their life.

With my clients I work holistically combining my health coaching packages with fasting guidance and exercise. I let no stone unturned to determine the root cause of their dis-ease or pain.

My clients come to see me to age better, skin and gut health, chronic pain as well as issues with stubborn excess weight.

I also work with people with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis using smovey, a therapeutic training device invented by fellow Austian Johann Salzwimmer, who lives with Parkinson’s.

Smovey is very popular in Austria, our national ski and golf teams train with it. It is very much loved by clients who are or who aren’t suffering from movement disorders and brings people back to exercise and the joy of it with ease!

You can see me at my practice in Marylebone, via Skype and I provide home visits as well.


Medically tested fasting coach (Fastenwelt, December 2015)
Certified smoveyCOACH (Smovey Austria, February 2016)
Holistic Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition, March 2017)
International Certified Health Coach (IAHC, July 2017)