Simone Gilbert

I’m Simone Gilbert, a certified Holistic Health & Vitality Coach. I’m a mum, wife and business owner thus I understand first-hand the pressures of the “modern woman”. Having struggled with and healed from chronic illness, as well as nurtured my daughter from ill-health back to wellness, I translate my experience, insights and education into comprehensively supporting my clients to take amazing care of themselves and heal for real. Together we “peel the onion” to discover root cause/s of illness and put a plan in place to get you well again.

My client base is made up of successful yet stressed ladies who are drowning under the burden of their various responsibilities, who have forgotten they matter and also how to take care of themselves. And they are chronically sick – often suffering silently.

I educate, inspire and empower women around the globe to bring alignment to body, mind and spirit, help them heal their health and live with a renewed vitality – to fall back in love with them and with life.

Chronic conditions my clients typically come to me include: persistent weight issues, eczema, asthma, digestive challenges, auto-immune conditions and “general ill-health”.

Underlying my philosophy and approach is my burning belief that, “You’ve Gotta Live”. Your health and well-being is fundamental to enabling you to live a full and rewarding life. I help you to achieve this with strategies that include “tweaking” not “rehashing” – small changes in daily decisions to support life-long changes that help you reclaim your vitality.

I help you create a lifestyle that supports your complete health and well-being.

If you have the will and courage to go after your dream of living with health and vitality, I have the passion, knowledge and know-how to help you make them a reality.

Using virtual technologies, coaching options include tailored 1-2-1 sessions and group coaching. I also run wellness seminars and workshops in schools and for corporates to build social well being awareness.


IIN Certified Health Coach
Studying School of Applied Functional Medicine