Hi I’m Shruti
A little about myself…

As far as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated about Health and Wellness. Being an avid reader I would love to read anything to do with wellbeing. As my knowledge began to grow I wanted to share what I had learned with those around me. Family members and friends would come to me for advice and with all sorts of health related queries and the solutions to their problems would come to me so naturally.

As my thirties approached I decided to convert this passion for Health and Wellness into a full time career. I gathered the courage to shift from heading a publishing department in a well reputable economic organization to becoming a full time health coach. This exhilarating step absolutely transformed my life. After investing time to gain my qualifications in order to become a fully certified health coach I created A-Healthy-Way.

As a health coach my aim is to help my clients improve their health in a simple and attainable way. By gradually introducing healthy eating habits as well as lifestyle changes specific to my client’s body type I want to help them take control of their overall health. I work closely with my clients creating a carefully formulated personal plan and providing relevant information in order to help them achieve their short term and long term goals.


I received my training from the Blackford Center in England, which is accredited under the ABC Awards Quality License Scheme and the Association for Coaching. I am also a qualified Color therapy practitioner from the School of Natural Health Sciences, London. I also hold a Bachelors degree in Human Geography from King’s College London. Besides running my own Health and Wellness website I’m currently a guest writer for the Momschi blog.