Back when I was still working as an engineer, I’d reached a point where all the long days, stress, travel, and terrible food had almost broken me.

I didn’t sleep at night. Heavier than I’ve ever been, I was always tired and couldn’t think very clearly. Various health problems…joint pain, back pain, headaches and all manner of other issues! Something had to change.

Fast forward a few years, and I’d completed various triathlons, learned to love swimming in the open sea, and juggling heavy kettlebells.

Through studying nutrition I learned about how food choices affect our mind & body, and vice-versa. I began to see how the things we eat influence our performance as people, and became passionately interested in how a healthy diet relates to having a long & healthy life.

I believe that we can all enjoy great health, no matter where you are starting from, as long as you’re prepared to treat your body with some care and respect, and give it what it needs. That means great nutrition from a wholesome & varied diet, plenty of rest & recovery time, quality sleep, and some exercise. And, of course, don’t forget to make time for fun & other people!

Health Larder is the culmination of a ten year journey from unhealthy & clueless, back to great health, and everything I’ve learned along the way. I am deeply passionate about sharing what I’ve learned and have a personal mission to help 10,000 people improve their health through better diet and healthy habits.


Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach
Precision Nutrition Level 2 coach
Diploma in Nutrition & Weight Management
REPS level 3 trainer
Pilates Teacher (L3)
Kettlebell instructor
Olympic Weightlifting instructor