BH9 3BQ Dorset

Robyn is a natural healer. She empowers you to unlock your body\’s self-healing powers by discovering what\’s causing your health discomforts.

She holds your hand through the journey of healing from within with the power of whole foods. She encourages you to eat food of all colours of the rainbow to provide your body with those powerful healing antioxidants.

Her creativity shines through with her innovative, yet super simple and tasty recipes that make healthy eating exciting and delicious!

If you\’re fed up with going the healing journey alone, contact Robyn to provide that professional support to heal your body.

She specialises in gluten-free diets, dairy free transition, and plant-based eating.


Clinical Nutrition BSc Hons
Certified Holistic Health Coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Fitness Instructing Level 2