Nicoleta Radu

Nicoleta Radu

1Park Close Ellesmere Road W4 4QG, Chiswick City of London

Health Coaching That Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great.
Every aspect of your life is intertwined. When one area of our life is neglected, all others area of our life can be impacted.
If you have ever felt like your life was off balance and that it could be better somehow, a Health Coach may be just what you need to adjust and live a more fulfilling life.
Family members,friends and co-workers can be a great sounding board,but many times they may not give you the fresh perspective that a Health Coach could.


All of the Health Coaches we have verified certification and have signed a contract commitment to keep all conversations with our clients can even keep your contact information anonymous from your coach.The health coaching sessions can be done via phone,or video conferencing. So you can be rest assured that as you share your issue with your Health Coach,they will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Qualifications: Physical Education and Sport University
Herbalife Inc.
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach