Nichola Veitch

I’m Nichola, a tea-drinking, book-loving, heart-centred Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, a gentle intuitive with a sprinkling of tough love. With me, you can expect to find lots of inspiration to nourish as well as nurture your path to healing.

I’m passionate about supporting you in living a healthy, balanced life. Whatever that looks like for you. I will meet you where you’re at on your journey. And together, we’ll take steps towards achieving your wellness goals, so you can feel content in your own being, creating space for you to flourish.

My teaching is grounded in my own journey of managing chronic pain and learning to support myself during times of anxiety, depression and grief. Enhanced and strengthened by all I know about the science of yoga, nutrition, energy healing, connection to self and daily self-care.

I believe everyone deserves to be happy and healthy.
I believe a deep breath clears the decks, enabling us to heal, and giving us the courage to make powerful choices.
I believe our hearts hold more wisdom than our heads.
I believe in gratitude, kindness and generosity.
I believe our inner guide has the answers to all our questions and I believe love is the cure to all our suffering.

Whether you need to heal an injury, want to manage stress, ease anxiety, or find some inspiration for the next chapter of your life, I aim to support, inspire, share, and serve with a great big dose of love.

It’s time to slow down, let go, reconnect to yourself and pave the way for a life you love. One that loves you back!


Integrative Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)
Yoga teacher