Nathalie Sansonetti

Nathalie Sansonetti

United Kingdom East Sussex

Have you become an exhausted, bloated, unhealthy and unhappy version of yourself?
Are you despairing of EVER fitting into your favourite dress ever again?
Is your health (or gut) bringing you down and stopping you from living your life to the full?
Are your low confidence, ‘unwell’ feeling and low body image impacting your social or family life?
For the past 9 years, I have worked as a Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach with hundreds of people suffering from gut issues, low energy, weight, skin, hormonal and other health problems.

I work face-to-face with clients in local clinics in Sussex and online with more ‘distant’ clients.

I offer various coaching programs that tackle gut issues specifically and a 90-Day Program that offers incredible transformation in all areas of your life (health, weight, energy, relationships, motivation, socialising, confidence..)

My love and passion for nutrition and all things health-related started over 30 years ago and I have been living what I preach for most of my life, while raising 2 strapping rugby-playing boys in East Sussex.

Are you ready for transformation?
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Certified Health Coach from the Health Coaching Institute
Diploma in Natural Nutritional Therapy - College of Natural Nutrition
Diploma in Allergy and Intolerance Therapy - College of Naturopathic Nutrition
MA (Marketing) - University of The West of England
Ba - International Business Administration (USIU)