Mary Nash

Mary Nash

Marlow Buckinghamshire

I am Mary, and I help people who feel stuck in unwanted habits, or are struggling with lack of time or motivation, to make positive lifestyle changes for their current happiness and future health.
Does change scare you? Do you struggle to ditch old habits? Would you like to find a way to maintain a healthier lifestyle approach for the longer term?
Does health and wellbeing seem too complicated? Would you like a fresh and simple perspective on how a healthy lifestyle might look for you, rather than what the latest fad is?
Then you’ve come to the right place!
It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by all the health advice available at our fingertips, and give up because we feel we can’t achieve the ‘ideal’ healthy life.
I can help – I will work with you to create your own personalised action plan, enabling you to gain the knowledge, skills and support you need to achieve your goals.
Or if you’d prefer just to learn more, I run regular workshops covering a range of wellbeing topics
Health and wellbeing should be a foundation for life – not just helping to avoid disease but also providing the energy, vitality and mental strength to deal with everyday life, and we should enjoy life and be able to have treats guilt-free.
When I work with you, I will help you regain that motivation by enabling you to develop a personalised plan that’s achievable for you.
I am non-judgemental, impartial and open-minded, and my services are always confidential.

About me:
I am a Health Coach, the Programme Development Director for the UK Health Coaches Association and I work for the Trusted Coach Directory. I have worked in training and advice services, including at the Citizens Advice Bureau and running my own training business.
In my role as Programme Development Director, I am developing UK-based health coach training, building partnerships with coaching and health & wellness organisations, as well as developing accreditation pathways to create and maintain the highest standards in health coaching in the UK.

I love being outside in the fresh air, especially walking. My favourite animal is elephants and my favourite holiday location is being in the mountains.


Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching Certificate level 5 - with the Centre for Coaching, approved by the British Psychological Society.
Health & Wellbeing Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching Primary Certificate - with the Centre for Coaching, approved by the British Psychological Society.
City & Guilds level 4 Qualified Trainer (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector).
Certificate in Generalist Advice from Citizens Advice.
Anatomy, Physiology and Massage Therapist qualified, including Seated Acupressure and Indian Head Massage.
IQCS (Interviewer Quality Control Scheme) trained.