Lisa Porter

Lisa Porter

27, Corn Gastons Wiltshire

I am passionate about healthy living, the body’s natural ability to heal and the way nature can be used to balance and restore our energy and well being. My love of the natural world is a constant source of inspiration in my practice.

I began exploring this natural and holistic way of experiencing the world back in 1995 when, after a lifetime of dancing and using my body to its fullest, persistent injuries and lowered energy made me re-evaluate my path. So I began learning how to heal my body and raise my energy and through this journey became a qualified Sports Massage Therapist and Advance Sports Therapist. And more recently I have become a fully qualified IIN health coach.

Through my business Truth Of You, I have combined what I have learnt so far and my two types of training to bring a holistic approach to health and well being to others. And with this I help them to unravel and ignite the truth of what makes them thrive while I continue to discover my own truth on my journey to optimal health.

Alongside running my health coaching and bodywork business I am transforming my garden in to a permaculture haven of nutritious home-grown food and a healing and restorative space. I love to walk, practice yoga and dance – even if it is now in the comfort of my own home!


Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching 2015