Leila Glover

Leila Glover

33 Walker House, 11 Odessa st, SE16 7HD City of London

After working for over a decade in the fast paced and demanding world of Marketing & Advertising, Agency side, I decided it was time for a big shift, time to follow an evolving passion and time to use my years of experience in the industry to help the time poor, overworked beings I could relate to so well!

After completing my Health Coaching Diploma with the largest Nutritional School in the world, I continued my studies with Int. Fitness Sports Science before completing a certification in NLP as part of a 3 month Life Coaching Internship with Christopher Howard, Legendary Living.

My philosophy isn’t just about black and white dietary changes; it’s about a holistic approach to health & wellbeing to support sustainable Nutrition & Lifestyle change. My dynamic training and experience has given me the tools to dig deep into the root of the issue/s, gaining awareness to the triggers and creating new healthier habits as a result.

I support busy women & the discerning metro man (woMEN) who struggle with their weight, energy and poor lifestyle habits to master healthy change; to reclaim their calm with a body & life they love!


Health Coach Diploma - IIN, AADP Board Ceritifed
Int. Fitness Sports Nutrition
Life Coaching, basic NLP certification - Christopher Howard, Legendary Living