Kiran Ram

Kiran Ram is hormone cure practitioner that marries the best of cutting edge science with the wisdom of targeted and effective natural healing solutions.

She specialises in helping women 40 + across the world understand the effects of hormones on their weight, bouts of extreme fatigue due to disturbed sleep and sheer lack of energy and enthusiasm towards life.

Kiran has been featured in media worldwide-Huffington Post UK, 1st Class Lifestyle (US), Smart Healthy Women, I AM Woman Project (Australia) to name a few. She is the creator of annual Hormonal Harmony Summit and Food Mood Project to bring together acclaimed experts-doctors, practitioners and coaches to empower and educate women so they can discover solutions to balance their hormones.

When she’s not teaching women how to drop their hormone struggles once and for all, you’ll find her painting her fingers green in the garden (weather permitting), traveling and having fun in the kitchen.


Neuro Nutrient Therapy Institute
Licensed Facilitator of Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Workshops
Academy of Culinary Nutrition
Trained in Gottfried Protocol
3rd Age Women Perimenopause and Menopause-Burrell Education
Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology
Raw Food Institute
Certification in Detoxification-International School of Detoxification
Holistic Nutrition Lab-Digestion
New Healer's Program-Andrea Beaman
Master Coaching in Action-Andrea Beaman
Trainee at Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
Trainee at Herbal Medicine for Women