Kathy Payne

Kathy Payne

Norwich UK and worldwide by Skype Norfolk

Kathy is a Calmer of Haywire Hormones and a Booster of Fertility, naturally.

So that women can live in harmony, not be all hormone-y. She has special interests in hormone issues, stress, energy, weight management, period problems, peri/menopause.

And for those who are on the path to parenthood, so that they can max their chances of natural conception or IVF success.

Kathy is Women’s Health Coach working worldwide, via Skype. More Wellbeing Fairy Godmother then Health Police.

She offers tailored packages of care, group coaching, online classes and courses.

She uses food, lifestyle choices and her natural therapies to help you reach your health goals. With handholding, support, encouragement, accountability and a bit of a nudge if you need it. Hugs and gentle humour are the name of her game.

If you’re trying for a baby, sick of horrible cycle issues ruling (and ruining) your life or trying to transition through pre menopause and menopause with grace and ease instead of sweaty, fretty and forgetty, please arrange for a FREE call with Kathy.


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with IIN
Certificate in Hormone Health Coaching with IIN
Registered Homeopath with the Society of Homeopaths
Recognised Foresight Preconception Care Practitioner
Certificate in Phytotherapy from Vogel Institute
Student in Nutritional Therapy with ION
Student of the Natural Family Planning Teachers Association