Jenny Millichip

Jenny Millichip

Notting Hill Greater London

Passionate about both health and great tasting food, I am a big believer that they go hand in hand and you can become the best version of yourself through making clever and informed choices around nutrition, all whilst enjoying everything you eat!

Practising as a Health Coach since 2013, I work with busy women, as well as fitness professionals and their clients (such as Hollie Grant at The Model Method) to help get nutrition and lifestyle goals on track alongside training or movement programmes in order to become the best versions of themselves.

Balance, bio-individuality and enjoyment are all key elements of any programme or consultations I do and I believe are vital to achieving any goals.

Through guidance, support, and accountability (and hopefully a dose of humour), I\’m here to help time poor, energy deficient and nutritionally confused women achieve their health goals.

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Integrative Nutrition Health Coach - IIN