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I am passionate and dedicated to helping everyday people to know how to get their bodies to heal themselves. In a confusing minefield of internet information, true health advice is not easy to be sure of. For years I have studied about health in these days we are living in and know for sure I can help you. Nothing is unhealable. Good health and energy is achievable and easy once you know the keys to unlocking your bodies natural ability.
I have written, produced and taught a group course called TheGoodNewsOnHealth, helping folks to understand all the keys needed to get the body to naturally heal itself.
I hope to meet you and have the opportunity to help you realise how important you individually are and assist you onto the road to recovery so that you’re life is for filled and you are able to earn money using your talents, gifts and passions to change the world around you.

Skype: live:elaine.freedom


ITEC Diploma Reflexology & Alternative Therapies
GCSE Anatomy & Physiology
City & Guilds Level 4 Adult Teaching
3 Yrs private study in Nutritional Science, Chiropractics, exercise and natural remedies.
Writer of TheGoodNewsOnHealth course