Dr Annabel Boys

Dr Annabel Boys

Petersfield Hampshire

Annabel Boys (PhD) is a certified health coach, qualified teacher, author and one of the founders of the UK Health Coaches Association.

Through her health coaching practice she helps women to understand food cravings, sugar addiction and to manage stress in positive (non-food-related) ways. Annabel helps her clients to discover a way of being where they are no longer battling with themselves over food choices, feeling guilty and having to rely on willpower and denial.

She has recently completed additional training to become a Co-Active coach (Coaches Training Institute) to further develop and refine her coaching techniques.

Her background includes 10 years working in research into addiction and health behaviour change. She has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers and has spoken about her work at international conferences.


PhD (2001), King's College London
PGCE (1994), Institute of Education, University of London
BSoc.Sci (1993) University of Edinburgh

Health Coach Training Programme (2012) Institute of Integrative Nutrition
Co-Active Coaching core curriculum (2016) Coach Training Institute