Claire O’Meara

Claire O’Meara

Unit 2a nortonthorpe Ind Park, Scissett, hd8 9la West Yorkshire

Hey I’m Claire,

I am passionate about supporting and empowering women towards achieving healthy, balanced and fulfilling lives.

I believe that we all deserve to feel amazing and feel confident in our own skin and that through some good positive lifestyle changes we can achieve our desired results.

We are all living in a state of busy busy busy ask any women and she will often use the word “Busy” but more often than not will cram that extra activity in.

It feels like we have this FOMO and we need to be seen to be busy, we have to do it all, have it all and we can’t say no.. We are living on the edge with our health & wellbeing so close to burnout that the only reason we will say no is when we do actually crash and burn.

By saying yes to everyone else you are are saying no to yourself, by juggling all that life throws at us we are adding an increased pressure on our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing which may sadly come at a price to our health.


IIN Certified Health Coach 2012
Nutritional Healing Foundation Diploma in Nutritional Healing 2013
Naturopathic Diploma 2018
Certified Pre & Post Natal Coach 2018 Girls Gone Strong
Precision Nutrition Level 1 PN Coach
Advanced coaching Academy 2018
Paleo Nutrition Diploma 2016
Aromatherapy Diploma 2017