Claire King

Claire King, Health and Nutrition Coach has helped transform the lives of her clients. She offers a whole body, integrated and individual approach -where small positive changes in nutrition and lifestyle lead to bigger, positive changes in health and wellness.

Through her various programs, Claire helps to identify the root causes of modern day health struggles and anxiety and provides the much-needed support as she addresses any necessary behavioural changes. She then equips her clients with the tools needed to improve their health. Using a step by step approach she shows them how to implement changes.

Claire is compassionate and person centered and through her experience in working as a complementary therapist – as well as spending 8 years working for a mental health trust, she has developed very strong empathy for the struggles that people face today.

Claire is passionate about helping people and her success is being able to educate and empower her clients to take responsibility for their own health through good nutrition & positive lifestyle changes. She has a special interest in the gut where a whopping 70% of our immune system is located.


Foundation Degree in Complementary Healthcare - University of Brighton/Sussex Downs
Health Coaching Diploma - Level 4/Qualifi Certified/Institute of Integrative Nutrition