Some may say that I am middle aged, however I say age is a number, it is what you do with the years that count!

I live in a little village in Fife, Scotland which is where I have laid my hat – absolutely love where I live and the people around me. I am so grateful after many years moving around to have found this little gem. I have had many interests over the years but my passion is hiking, being remote in the hills gives me so much energy.

As well as being a Health Coach I also work in the corporate world and have done so for over 25 years. The corporate world for me has been fast & furious always on the go and living out of a suitcase from week to week. I thought that was the way to be and on the outside people would look at me as \’living life to the full\’ – or indeed \’work hard play hard\’.

The inside was a different story in that I was moving too fast and life was actually passing me by and the truth of it was that if I didn\’t start to listen to the messages that my body was giving me something was going to give in relation to my health.

A few health issues and weight issues crept in and out of my life over that time without really taking notice. Lots of airport, hotels, restaurants, eating on the go, working lunches, little or no fitness activities and the last few years being ‘switched-on’ all the time got to a point where I simply wanted to run away up the hills and simplify my life before it stopped me having one. That feeling of running on empty, stressed and anxious made me look around at what was happening to me and who I was being.

I started on my journey of discovery, first stage was I moved back to Scotland and discovered my love for the outdoors again and the head space that this gave to me was amazing. When in the hills I can truly be myself no judgement on how I look or who I am, just simply being free. My thoughts started to become clearer – I need to look after me and I needed to find my true purpose which is why I am here today as a Health & Lifestyle Coach.

I trained with the Health Coach Institute which has been a life changing experience in my own self development. Knowing and understanding that we have all the resources within us. We just need a little coaching to help see the picture from a different angle and understand how our habits impact all areas of our lives.

My mission now is to help others to manage through the chaos so that they can take care of themselves by upgrading their lifestyle choices for the longer-term aim of health and happiness. I am passionate about self care, self love and not losing yourself and your passions.


Health Coach Institute Certification