Carol Lawrence

Carol Lawrence

Sydenham, London Greater London

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Hi my name is Carol and I am a Health Coach, Raw Food Chef and a Hair Consultant specialising in small locks.

My grandma taught me to cook as a child in the Caribbean and so I’ve have always loved experimenting with different ingredients and their resulting flavours. However, like a lot of people, as I got older bad lifestyle habits crept in and became the norm. I worked longer hours as a hair consultant, suffered sleep deprivation, became busier and more stressed. I ate to stay awake and more and more processed food crept into my diet. To put it simply I wasn’t looking after myself. My blood pressure soared and I developed insulin resistance. I gained weight and became quite ill.

I realised that I had to start looking after myself and somehow find the right life balance to get me back on an even keel. It had to start with my diet so I found a life coach who introduced me to raw foods as part of programme. Inspired, I went on to train as a raw chef, teacher and coach primarily to increase the amount of plant-based foods in my diet and to help others. My studies at IIN have played a huge part in my personal wellness journey.

As a lifelong foodie I will always have to be mindful of what I eat, but now my diet is so different to what it was before. It is plant-based, colourful and made up of beautiful whole foods with great desserts and treats thrown in.

My passion now is helping people look and feel great both inside and out. When you eat well, you feel good. Teaching people how to increase the amount of plants in their diet by creating interesting raw and cooked plant-based meals is huge fun. I would love to help you too.


IIN Certified Health Coach
Raw Food Chef, Teacher & Coach
Microlocks Consultant