Carey Reynolds

Carey Reynolds

14 Home Farm Close, Shepperton Surrey

  • 07734 402106

Hi – I’ve recently graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition following a 30 year corporate career in Human Resources. During which I was always very strongly drawn to the coaching elements of my roles.

I’m married to Mark, a primary school teacher (very useful in the school holidays!), and two amazing daughters – Phoebe who is 13 (going on 18!), and Amber who is 9. We also have 3 fury children – Bobby and Kenny our aging moggies, and Piper, who is the latest addition to the family, our very lively and loving 3 year old springer spaniel.

I most enjoy working with women between the ages of 40-60 who are facing a cross-roads in their lives, want a more fulfilling purpose and want lasting, vibrant health.


Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health & Wellness Coach