Bianca Flood

Bianca Flood

25 Barlow Gardens Devon

My name Is Bianca and I’m so excited to be sharing TruWellbeing life and wellness coaching with you.

TruWellbeing is a service I provide through a structured and tailored programme where I help, support and guide you to discover your dreams and how to attain a happy life and sense of wellbeing.

I also provide face to face life coaching services to clients from Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. I also do coaching via Skype and phone to clients nationally and internationally.

In addition, the service is designed to support and empower those suffering from ill-health and obesity as a result of stress (either home or work) by giving proactive tools and techniques to overcome their personal difficulties.

I can help you reclaim your life and overcome these debilitating conditions.

Can you answer YES to any of these questions?

Are you dissatisfied with aspects of your life, but you don’t know why?

Do you know things “have to change” but lack the courage to make the changes?

Are you happy with your job/life/relationships/finances or do you ‘put up with it as you see no other option or you’re not overly impressed with the alternatives?

Do you find that you are drifting along in a constant state of “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I’ll start again tomorrow”?

Do you doubt your abilities or worry that you might not be good enough?

Do you recognised yourself as often stressed or suffering from stress-related conditions such as CFS, IBS or migraines and need direction on how to overcome them?

Have you got in the habit of complaining about aspects of your life, and fear you have forgotten how it feels to be happy?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then you need to know that changes can be made with the correct mindset and the support given by TruWellbeing.

By coming here today, you have taken the first step to a fantastic and fulfilling life.

How I am different to other coaches?

By working with me, you will automatically join the Wellbeing community.

When you sign up for a course at TruWellbeing, you can join the TW Community.
You will be invited to come to regular free events, join us in other activities and build up real (not virtual) friendships with other like minded people and develop a sense of belonging.
Evidence proves that having others with you on the journey, makes change easier, more effective and longer lasting.

What services do I provide?

You have the option to join workshops or receive one to one coaching. Retreats are coming soon.

When you sign up to the workshops you will receive a 30 minute free consultation by phone to make sure the program suits your needs.

During the workshops you will receive 10 weeks of coaching in a supportive group environment.
These interactive and engaging sessions use proven learning techniques to help you identify and improve aspects of your life that you would like to change.
Sometimes we know that we’re not as happy as we would like to be and the pressures of life can get us down.

In the workshops you will work with me, with others and use personal focus time to discover the TruYou.


BCom (hons)

Post Graduate Certificate Education

Level 2&3 Counselling skills (October 2017)

Level 2 Nutrition therapy

NLP Practitioner Certification: Accredited by the ANLP (mid 2018)

Certificate in Business & Life Coaching: Accredited by the Association For Coaching (mid 2018)