Sutton Coldfield West Midlands

‘The Best Project You Will Ever Work On Is You’

I’m Alice – I offer coaching to busy professionals on how to stress less, beat the overwhelm and live more! I was this person – I’ve been there. Now I’ve done the hard work to come out the other (happier) side!

I self-healed my chronic daily migraines and headaches, transformed my negative and limiting beliefs and discovered a whole new vibrant life.

I offer support and coaching through healing headaches & migraines, stress reduction & stress management techniques, how to tune in & listen to your body, how to boost your energy and get your mojo back.

I can also provide support with incorporating more plants and whole-foods into your life (that you’ll love) whilst cutting out the junk!

I believe nobody should be told what to do or forced into eating anything. This is not how to create sustainable change – and that’s what we’re all aiming for right? Change for good, for life, for longevity? So we are free to do what we really love?

My approach is gentle, mindful and non-judgemental. Our coaching sessions are a safe space for us to explore what works for YOU.

‘The best project you will ever work on is you’ is my fave saying and I really believe in it!


Integrative Nutrition Heath Coach - with Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Plant-Based Nutrition Certification - with T. Colin Campbell and eCornell