Ali Mortimer

Ali Mortimer

54 palace road, Ripon, HG4 1HA North Yorkshire

As a Health Coach, I help clients who are stuck in a rut or know what they need to do in order to improve their health and happiness but don’t know where to start or go next. These goals could include weight loss, sleep issues, fitness, dietary changes, feeling happy again after loss or life events, making changes to career or relationships….

I have spent 15 or more years of coaching individuals and teams in high performing roles throughout my corporate career as a management consultant and then in the retail and technology industry. As my young family started school, I ran my own online health and wellness business, learning and then teaching others how to recognise the environmental and digested toxin load as well as the importance of feeding your body and also your mind with the right nourishment.

Having seen the benefits of putting myself and my health first hand, I started a blog to record and share my experiences of how I responded to life’s curve balls. That was the start of my journey of personal healing and health through happiness.

I am a student with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and am honoured to be helping people succeed with their holistic health goals for their body, mind and soul.


BA Management with French at Nottingham University
15+years as a management consultant and in industry (Accenture, Elixirr, Asda and Global Ecommerce for Walmart)
4 years owning my own online business in Health & Wellness industry
Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Health Coach Student