Abigail Booth

Hi I’m Abby and I’m a Certified Health Coach who specialises in helping busy Women, especially Mums, who want to lose weight without giving up the foods they love or feeling hungry.

I help them to lose weight and increase their energy levels so that they can look and feel more confident and be an amazing role model for their kids.

97% of dieters put the weight back on within 3 years and that’s because diets don’t work long-term. Instead I use simple, effective and sustainable coaching techniques to change mind-set, behaviour and habits, sustainably.  Whatever the demands of your existing lifestyle, I will help you find a solution that fits seamlessly!

I have taken a background of 20 years in People Management with a degree in Psychology and a passion and training in health and wellness to set up my coaching practise.

I offer a variety of programme from one-on-one, to group or simply online in your own home. Because I work predominately through video conferencing I can work with you wherever in the world you are!


BSc Hons Psychology
Nutritional Therapy Certificate from Health Sciences Academy
Certificate in Health Coaching from Health Coach Institute