UK Health Coaches Association 

Supporting UK Health Coaches in improving the health of our nation

  • The UK Health Coaches Association is committed to supporting an  emerging health care model in the UK focused on prevention of chronic illness through sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • It is dedicated to connecting you with a Health Coach in your UK location and suited to your health and wellness needs through its online directory of Members. Their inclusion in the UK Health Coaches Association Directory indicates they have been trained and accredited by recognised national and international health coaching schools and work to UK Health Coaches Association Codes of Practice and Professionalism. All members must be fully insured to practice.
  • The UK Health Coaches Association is committed to its Members  attaining the highest standards of integrity, knowledge, competence and professional practice in the interests of every client. The UK Health Coaches Association logo is only used by Members of the UK Health Coaches Association and indicates their commitment to these standards.
  • The UK Health Coaches Association is a Company Limited by Guarantee and is a non-profit organisation funded  by Member subscriptions, fundraising  and donations. It has no affiliation or association to any network marketing programmes , products or promotions.



Chief Executive

Ruth Edwards works as strategic health ally and business mentor to business leaders, entrepreneurs and game changers. She empowers them to master their self-care practice, optimise their energy levels, stress less and prevent burnout as they take their vision in to the world and lead others by example.

Her own experience of stress and burnout forced her in to a sabbatical from her brand and marketing business in 2013 , that turned in to  an unexpected and transformative career change. Reconnecting with old passions in food and nutrition that had become buried and forgotten beneath years of busy-ness, she first turned her own health around through small incremental lifestyle changes.  She then trained as a holistic health coach, nutritional therapist and NLP practitioner. Today she delivers personalised health and happiness enhancing programmes to business clients and their teams.

She joined the UK Health Coaches Association core team in September 2017 bringing her 27 years in business and experience of building successful brands to the association. Since then she has built some key foundations in to the Association to help launch it in to a thriving non-profit and moved from a Director's role in to the position of Chief Executive. She is a passionate advocate for creating strong foundations in any business to support the health and happiness of all its stakeholders and is focused on building an organisation that walks its talk.

Recognised for her strong creative flair and the ability to see the bigger picture and break it down in to actionable detail, she underpins her work in brands and health coaching alike with a relentless curiosity for other people’s stories and the belief that if we are not aligned with how our health story is turning out, we have within each and everyone of us, the power to change it.

Lyndy Stanway Marsh
Co-Founder + HR Director

Lyndy is a Certified Health Coach with a BA Honours in Psychology. She spent 11 years in the City of London as a Human Resources Director and was also an HR Manager in Johannesburg (where she grew up) and Sydney, Australia.
She trained at Integrative Nutrition in New York. She is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and is also certified as an NLP Practitioner.
Lyndy works primarily with individuals who are looking for a more sustained balance in their lives, healthier food choices, more energy, stress reduction and weight loss. Her specific interest is working with clients whose focus is to address ‘Emotional Eating’.
From a young age she developed a passion for Health and Nutrition. Both as a loving mother of two and throughout her career she has seen how we often do not trust our intuition or understand how connected food is to our Health and Wellbeing. As a result she advocates an integrated approach which links nutrition to all aspects of life. Her research has shown that what we eat impacts so many areas of our life and that there is a strong link between what we eat and how we feel.
Lyndy offers individual health and food coaching and leads talks, workshops & wellbeing retreats on Healthy Habits and Nutrition.
To contact Lyndy or to find out more about her approach please visit her website

Communications Director

Fran’s 30 year career in Corporate Communications, with experience across North America, Europe and the Middle East for companies such as Hill & Knowlton and Publicis, has given her a broad understanding of the role and importance of communications across multiple businesses and sectors. Her career culminated as Managing Director in the Middle East of one of the world’s most respected Financial Communications Agencies, CNC Communications, where she led powerful campaigns for many of the region’s most respected individuals and organisations and supported global entities as they conducted their business in the Middle East.

The price she paid for a long and stressful career was that she began to experience worrying symptoms of stress-related insulin resistance (and the corresponding gain in weight), chronic joint and muscle pain, depression and chronic fatigue. Afraid that her health was only going to get worse as she got older, she felt she had nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by leaving her job and experimenting with natural ways to recover her health. Gradually she made the connection between the small daily choices she made and the way she felt, which turned out to be transformational and life-affirming. Building on her personal experience, she went on to become certified in Health Coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, in Functional Medicine through the School of Applied Functional Medicine and also in Life Coaching as a Quantum Life Coach.

Now, as a Functional Health & Lifestyle Coach, she has never been healthier, or happier. Her work incorporates both the science and the emotion of our relationship with food and health. Her expertise lies in reversing chronic, lifestyle-related disease by using targeted diet and lifestyle choices, unique to each situation, to reduce inflammation, boost immunity and balance hormones so that her clients can experience true wellness.

Director of Programme Development

Mary Nash has worked in training, coaching, project management and advice services for many years, including with the Trusted Coach Directory and the Citizens Advice Bureau. She currently runs her own health coaching and training business.

She is a qualified coach with the British Psychological Society’s Centre for Coaching and is a City & Guilds PTTLLS qualified adult trainer, and has successfully run a range of training, change management and business development projects. Mary has many years of involvement in defining, creating and managing training and assessment programmes to ensure appropriate standards are achieved and maintained.

As the Director of Programme Development for the UKHCA, Mary will bring her experience of setting up and running her own businesses, her training, health coaching and project management skills to the fore.


  • A Certified Health Coach will partner with every GP practice to offer time, support and guidance to patients who need to make lifestyle changes to prevent or change diagnosed chronic illness
  • UK Health Coaches will play an integral part in the NHS
  • Private Health Insurance Companies will recognise the role of UK Health Coaches in the prevention of chronic illness by reducing insurance premiums for those clients who employ a Health Coach
  • Businesses will employ a UK Health Coach as a key team player in building a healthy, happy business culture
  • Schools will employ UK Health Coaches to teach and engage children and students in the principle of living a healthy lifestyle


For the Community...

  • To fill the gap between a GP's lack of time to listen and advise on a patient's specific lifestyle and behaviour and patient’s need for such time, advice and guidance
  • To empower clients to take back control of their health through simple and sustainable changes
  • To maintain a clear definition of our role in the community in relation to other health professions, including but not limited to primary health care practitioners, dieticians, nutritionists and nutritional therapists
  • To create easy access to a Certified Health Coach according to geographical area and specific health concerns/needs
  • To offer accountability and confidence to the Community through Members adherence to a UK Health Coaches Association Code of Conduct and Professionalism
  • To listen to the Community and understand and respond to their needs as Health Coaching grows and develops in the UK

For our Members

  • To position Health Coaching as an integral, dynamic part of an emerging health care model in the UK focused on the prevention of chronic illness through sustainable lifestyle changes
  • To complement and support the work of other health professions including primary health practitioners, dieticians, nutritionists, nutritional therapists etc. in the best interests of the client
  • To create support networks for UK Health Coaches based on geographical area
  • To set out expectations and standards of practice though an UK Health Coaches Association Code of Conduct and Professionalism.
  • To create, drive and execute on point advocacy and publicity on behalf of Members to achieve our Vision
  • To listen to Members and understand and respond to their challenges and needs in the field as Health Coaching in the UK develops and grows in order to sustain a supportive and stable association
  • To support Health Coaches practising in the UK grow their reputation, brand, business, knowledge base and CPD through a range of specific, first class resources and training


For all of us, there are certain things in life we will not compromise on. Like an internal compass, they steer us. These values are at the heart and soul of what we do in supporting and connecting the Community and our Members :

  • The body has an innate ability to heal itself given the respect,time and care it deserves. There are no quick fixes, pills, potions, or one diet fits all approaches in the work of UK Health Coaches
  • The body is nourished through natural foods - and everything else that naturally 'feeds' you
  • We hold space to listen and hear and understand your needs so we can deliver specific, just-for-you health solutions
  • We are a young and rapidly growing body of health advocates passionate about challenging the status quo
  • We are constantly curious and always learning in the pursuit of excellence, growth and changing the health of the nation
  • We believe in open, honest, clear and respectful communication
  • We respect diversity and differences and celebrate community and connection